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Bryn Lindblad

Associate Director

Bryn Lindblad’s experience in forging and facilitating cross-sector collaborations for greater climate resilience serves her well in this strategic leadership position. Before moving to Los Angeles, Bryn worked as a policy analyst and consultant in Copenhagen, Denmark, where her…

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Cristy Stiles

Administrative Director

Cristy Stiles graduated from UC Berkeley in 2013 with a BA in French. She has previously been an intern in the education departments at San Francisco Opera and Pacific Symphony, in addition to teaching English in France, counseling at Idyllwild Arts, and translating science fiction…

David Fink

Director of Policy

David Fink oversees policy related to energy efficiency, greenhouse gas  reductions, and climate adaptation/resiliency. David helped Los Angeles become the first city in the U.S. to require cool roofs on all new and rehabbed residential construction. He is working…

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Ignacio Fernandez

Director of Strategic Partnership

Ignacio Fernandez is an economist with expertise in energy and environmental policy analysis, specifically the design and assessment of climate policy, regulations, and market mechanisms including emissions trading systems (ETS), carbon footprint programs…

Jonathan Parfrey

Executive Director

Before founding Climate Resolve, Jonathan Parfrey served as a commissioner at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (2008-2013). Jonathan is also the immediate past-president of the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters. He is a founder and…

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Khalilha Haynes

Program Assistant

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, and raised in Portland, Oregon, Khalilha Haynes brings to Climate Resolve a passion for social justice and the realization of happy, resilient cities. She is committed to the revitalization of urban neighborhoods

Kristina von Hoffmann

Outreach Director

Kristina von Hoffmann creates opportunities for Angelenos to lead on climate action with the Path to Positive LA initiative — via major events, outreach, and development. She is a Venice, CA, native committed to helping foster enduring….

Seth Jacobson, LEED AP O+M

Director, Energy and Water Programs

Seth Jacobson manages Climate Resolve’s Climate Smart Schools initiative. In addition to working for Climate Resolve, Seth is the CEO of Post + BIM, an internet startup focused on green building and building information modeling (BIM). Prior to co-founding Post + BIM, he was a…

Stef McDonald

Director of Communications

Stef McDonald is a writer/editor who leads the communications efforts for Climate Resolve. After working as an editor for magazines and websites in New York, Stef shifted her focus to online content management and helping…

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Colleen Corcoran

Design Consultant

Colleen Corcoran is a Los Angeles-based graphic designer interested in how design can be a tool for education and positive change within the urban environment. She works with various community organizations and public agencies on projects that promote active transportation…

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Larry Kaplan

Fundraising Consultant

Larry Kaplan’s specialty is advocacy and public affairs — helping organizations advocate and advance their missions and causes, serving their clients, and enhancing their fundraising. He helps advocacy organizations and collaboratives fundraise, and offers them strategic planning…

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Nina Storm

Events Consultant

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