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We are providing Angelenos with opportunities to take action on climate change in Los Angeles. Right now:

Support AB 179, a bill that would require that at least one California Transportation Commission voting member have specific qualification in environmental justice.

Support SB 150, a bill that would align our regional greenhouse gas reduction targets to our state’s ambitious climate goals and hold regions accountable to meeting those targets.

Support AB-398 and AB-617

Action Alert: Call today to support two bills that will help California continue to lead on climate action.

Thank California Leaders for Their Commitment to Act on Climate

Thank you for making sure that California continues act on climate and safeguard Californians. By extending the state's landmark climate legislation, AB 32, to the year 2030. SB 32 simply and elegantly codifies Governor Brown’s executive order to reduce the state’s climate pollution to 40% below 1990 levels by the year 2030.

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Climate Resolve