LADWP Energy Rebate Homepage: Energy-saving rebates

Consumer Rebate Program: rebates for cool roofs, heating & AC systems, and more

AC Optimization Program: Tune up your old central air conditioner at no cost

Home Energy Improvement: Have your home assessed and repaired for greater energy efficiency

Free Trees: Request up to 7 free trees

Efficient Products Marketplace: More details on how you can receive LADWP rebates on energy-saving products

Window A/C Recycling Program: Recycle your old window air conditioner for a $25 prepaid gift card

Refrigerator Exchange Program: Exchange your old refrigerator for a new, energy-efficient refrigerator

Commercial Lighting Incentive Program: Cash incentives for lighting retrofits for commercial use

Solar Incentive Program: LADWP will help offset the costs of solar rooftop installation to your home

Water Supply Toolkit: Water-saving rebates

Rebates on rain barrels & cisterns

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