Louis Blumberg


Louis Blumberg is an accomplished leader, communicator, and advocate in climate adaptation and resilience. With decades of experience in California climate and environmental policy, governmental affairs, leadership and management, and community outreach, Louis brings expertise of all-things climate to his role with Climate Resolve. He is the founder of Blumberg West Consulting, which specializes in climate change policy and climate solutions, and serves as a member of the Technical Advisory Committee of the California Integrated Climate Adaptation and Resilience Program.

Previously, Louis was Director of the California Climate Change Program of the Nature Conservancy, Chair of the Carbon Project Review Committee, and Director of the Forest Initiative. He is an experienced advocate for climate action across all levels of government, specially with California’s climate regulatory program and the United Nations Paris Climate Agreement.

Louis earned his Masters in Architecture from the Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning at University of California Los Angeles, and his  Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology from UC Santa Barbara.

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