Larry Kopald

Partner at Kopald/Stranger

Larry Kopald is partner at Kopald/Stranger, a consulting agency that bridges global business development and social change, and co-founder and President of The Carbon Underground, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the world about soil carbon sequestration.

Prior to establishing The Carbon Underground, Larry built a successful career in advertising with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He represented and helped launched the world’s largest brands including Acura, Oracle, Patagonia, Target, Taco Bell, among many others. Behind Larry’s work exists his commitment for social change, which is reflected in his extensive list of work doing environmental communications for the Olympics and United Nations, serving on the boards of WILD and Oceana, launching California’s First 5 campaign, and much more. In 2002, Larry was honored at the United Nations for his environmental work.

His involvement in a wide spectrum of nonprofit organizations and advisory boards establishes Larry’s prominence beyond the corporate world. Larry has been nominated for Emmy and Grammy awards, while his theatrical and television PSAs have been viewed by over two billion people worldwide in 60 languages.

Currently residing in Bel Air, Larry is working closely with scientists and businesses to communicate climate solutions through a diversity of outlets, from brand development to original content for television and social media. The Carbon Underground creates opportunities to bridge the worlds of academia, business, financial markets, government, and the general public to avoid climate change catastrophes. Kopald/Stranger brings social change through innovative approaches in marketing and branding.


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