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Climate Resolve is dedicated to creating real, practical solutions to meet the climate challenge while creating a better city for Angelenos today and in the future.


Street Repair Ballot Measure: 1950 or 2050?
With sidewalks and streets in disrepair across the city, a broad range of Los Angeles-based nonprofits have come together to form the 'Streets for the Future Coalition.’ The coalition aims to ensure that a ballot measure, proposed by City Councilmembers Busciano and Englander, will not only fill potholes, but improve the health and safety of the City’s four million residents.

The City of Los Angeles Chief Legislative Analyst (CLA) and City Administrative Officer (CAO) released a report that recommends a 15-year half-cent sales tax increase, raising nearly $4 billion for street and sidewalk improvements.

This report is the beginning of a public dialogue on the future of Los Angeles streets -- and we plan to work to include funding for the cool, green, and complete measures that the coalition has advocated for since last year. Moving forward, we will work to ensure this initiative does more than return our streets to 1950 designs, and instead moves Los Angeles forward to 2050.

LA: First Major City in U.S. to Require Cool Roofs on Residential Buildings
The Los Angeles City Council unanimously passed an update to the Municipal Building Code on December 17th, 2013 making Los Angeles the first major city to require all new and refurbished homes to have a “cool roof.” This policy recommendation was a result of Climate Resolve's “Hot City, Cool Roofs” in March 2013.

In Los Angeles, cool roofs are a great solution to reducing energy usage and improving the public health of Angelenos, especially on hot days. UCLA research suggests that by midcentury, the number of “extreme heat” days above 95°F will triple in downtown Los Angeles and nearly quadruple in the San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys. Cool roofs can help reduce the risk of heat-related illnesses or death -- especially for elderly and low-income residents.

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Los Angeles and Southern California are world-renowned for its idyllic climate and innovative spirit. In the face of a changing climate, we believe that the Los Angeles region will continue to be a leader - if we're all willing to take on the fight.

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