Climate-Ready Roofs

The Program

Along with Habitat for Humanity and Grid Alternatives, Climate Resolve is bringing high-tech clean energy solutions to communities traditionally left out of the green energy economy. We are providing low-income homeowners with structurally sound cool roofs topped with solar panels — to help families save energy and reduce greenhouse gases.

How It Works

3 Climate Solutions in 1 Project:

  • Climate-Ready Roofs addresses a classic injustice. Low-income communities have been last in line for solar investments and have been largely left out of the clean tech revolution. Not any more. The program installs photovoltaics and cool roofs for free on qualifying homes.
  • Climate-Ready Roofs uses cool roofs, which naturally reflect the sun’s rays, thereby keeping homes cooler and more resilient in the face of higher temperatures expected in Los Angeles. Cool roofs reduce air pollution, too.
  • Climate-Ready Roof is a project that gets at one of the root causes of the climate problem by reducing energy use and generating non-polluting electricity — all while reducing utility bills for low-income homeowners.

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