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The Challenge

Cars, buses, trains, and trucks are responsible for an estimated 40 percent of California’s greenhouse gas emissions —  that’s double the emissions from power plants. Then there’s the traffic….


By reducing vehicle miles, we reduce greenhouse gases. With improved public transit, including new rail lines and more efficient bus routes, coupled with projects that make passages safer and more welcoming for walkers and bikers, we can move with more ease, speed, and comfort; reduce traffic congestion; give our local economy a boost; alleviate air pollution; and fight climate change.

What We’re Doing

Climate Resolve is working on easier and safer ways to get around LA that also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We are advocating for mobility options that are sustainable, safer, and improve public health — by investing in better transit and safer active transportation options for Los Angeles.

Lead the Way, California

Climate Resolve joins nearly 50 organizations across the state in releasing a comprehensive, forward-thinking transportation platform to guide Governor-Elect Gavin Newsom and his administration in moving California boldly into a brighter future. Learn More.

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More Choices Less Traffic

Climate Resolve has released a framing document which presents California with strategies to reduce congestion, increase accessibility, reduce greenhouse gases, improve public health, and conserve our open spaces.

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