Our Work

Cap-and-Trade Projects

We are helping SoCal cities obtain cap-and-trade dollars. Working together with SCAG and LA n Sync, we are helping cities and developers on proposals for Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities grants with funding from AB32.

Climate Change LA: Climate Studies on KCETLink

To help understand the impacts of climate change in Los Angeles, we teamed up with the City of Los Angeles and UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability to publish a series of groundbreaking studies that reveal how climate change directly impacts Los Angeles. Using an innovative technique for applying global climate models to L.A. and the surrounding region to provide detailed projections of climate change, this research has brought climate projections down to the local level– identifying which neighborhoods will be impacted by temperature; snowfall; sea level rise; Santa Ana Winds; and more. These studies, along with other regional reports, are published on our KCETLink Climate Change LA website.

Climate Conferences

As part of our efforts to connect with policy-makers, the climate science community, and the public, we host and convene conferences in Los Angeles and Sacramento. Additionally, our Executive Director Jonathan Parfrey a frequent panelist and speakers at other conferences.

Climate-Ready Roofs

We have partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles and Grid Alternatives on this program to bring high-tech clean energy solutions to communities traditionally left out of the green energy economy. We're providing low-income homeowners with structurally sound cool roofs topped with solar panels -- to help families save energy and reduce greenhouse gases.

Climate-Smart Schools

We are collaborating with EcoMotion on this initiative to help Southern California schools on energy efficiency and water conservation efforts, so schools save money and help California meet its climate goals to save energy and water. Schools are now saving money and reducing greenhouse gases, and plowing the savings into educating the next generation.

Cool Roofs and Surfaces

As a result of our efforts to promote cool roofs, the Los Angeles City Council passed a building code update in December 2013 requiring all new and refurbished homes to have cool roofs. A cool roof is made with materials that naturally reflect sunlight; sending solar waves harmlessly back into the atmosphere. While most standard roofs absorb the sun’s radiant energy into the building—transferring it as heat—cool roofs reflect much of the sunlight to keep buildings cooler, increasing comfort and reducing the risk of heat related illness. Typically, a homeowner will see approximately a 10-20% reduction in energy use after installation. Next: We're working to make cool streets mandatory in all densely populated areas, as well as cool playgrounds for schools and parks.


Climate Resolve is a member of EnviroMetro, LA’s coalition for green, equitable and healthy transportation.

Nature for All

Climate Resolve is a core member of the Nature for All coalition, which helped win national monument status for the San Gabriel Mountains and continues to work on improving, protecting, increasing access to our forests, rivers and urban parks. The work strives to ensure access to open space throughout Los Angeles County.

Path to Positive Los Angeles

Our partnership with ecoAmerica on the Path to Positive LA initiative is focused on educating, engaging, and organizing new, leading voices on climate solutions. Now in its third year of operation, the campaign has amassed a network of 2,000+ members with access to its cutting-edge research, online climate communications trainings, and in-person events. The 2nd annual Climate Day LA (the hallmark event of the initiative) took place at The Theatre at Ace Hotel in Summer 2017, giving 800+ leaders, advocates, and citizens the opportunity to connect on intersectional strategies for local climate leadership, featuring Keynote Speaker, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Director, Social Action Commission of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Jacquelyn ("Jackie") Dupont-Walker, NextGen Climate Founder, Tom Steyer, and Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, plus many more. The inaugural conference in 2015 drew more than six hundred Angelenos together in collectively drafting the first-ever Los Angeles Declaration on Climate Action.

Speakers Bureau

With Climate Resolve's Speakers Bureau, we provide training and materials to help engaged Angelenos make local environmental impacts more conceivable and adaptation measures more achievable.

Water Protection and Conservation

Our work on Climate-Smart Schools includes helping Southern California Schools on water conservation programs, as well as educating high school teachers on water and drought issues facing the Southland.

Winning Climate Legislation

Climate Resolve works to help improve the climate resilience of Los Angeles with easy, common-sense policies to better our city. We lead the way to the passage of legislation to mandate cool roofs on all new homes in Los Angeles; and teamed up with The Nature Conservancy and Local Government Commission to lobby for three successful climate bills (now signed into law) that set California on a course to adapt to climate impacts.

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