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Our Work on Climate Change: Looking Back at 2015

Posted by on December 18, 2015



Easing Traffic. Climate Resolve is working on a new transportation measure to be placed before LA County voters in November 2016. We helped form the coalition, EnviroMetro, which represents 65+ organizations.

Improving Our Schools. Collaborating with EcoMotion, the Climate-Smart Schools program is today helping school districts implement energy efficiency and water conservation measures — saving money, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and plowing the savings into instructing the next generation.

Helping the Economy. Working with the Southern California Association of Governments and LA n Sync, Climate Resolve is helping cities and developers bring home cap-and-trade dollars.

Social Equity — So All May Prosper. Partnering with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles and Grid Alternatives, Climate Resolve’s Climate-Ready Roofs program brings high-tech clean energy solutions to communities traditionally left out of the green energy economy.


Cooling Our Roofs. With Climate Resolve’s leadership, in December 2013, Los Angeles became the first major city to pass a law requiring all new and refurbished homes to have a cool roof. We’re currently working with legislators to expand the program statewide.

Cooling Our Streets. With a grant from California Coastal Conservancy, Climate Resolve has helped develop a toolkit on cooling city streets.

Curbing Urban Heat Island. Our efforts to curb urban heat island effects includes working with the City of Los Angeles on its Sustainability pLAn.

Educational Events. Climate Resolve was the convener of the two-day California Climate Change Symposium in August, which brought together climate scientists and policymakers in an effort to find the best ways to help Californians mitigate and cope with the effects of climate change.

Winning Climate Legislation. Climate Resolve teamed up with The Nature Conservancy and Local Government Commission to lobby for three successful climate bills (now signed into law) that set California on a course to adapt to climate impacts.


Leading on the Path to Positive. We’re organizing new voices on climate change. An example: Climate Resolve and ecoAmerica brought six hundred Angelenos together at a November conference, where we collectively drafted a new Los Angeles Declaration on Climate Action.

KCET Climate Change LA. We teamed up the KCETLink Media Group to provide a special online platform on climate change as it affects Southern California.

Speaking Out. Climate Resolve’s speakers bureau and social media work translates obtuse climate notions for Angelenos to understand and take easy actions.


San Gabriel Mountains Forever. Climate Resolve is a core member of the San Gabriel Mountains Forever coalition that helped win national monument status for the mountains, and now seeks to expand protection — and provide more access to — the area.

Water Awareness. Working with LAUSD, Climate Resolve is helping to educate high school teachers on water and drought issues facing the Southland.