Californians Need Help in Worst Wildfires Ever

Posted by on October 13, 2017

Our friends living north and east of San Francisco Bay are suffering through the worst wildfires in California history.

National newspapers are connecting wildfires with climate change — read this superb editorial in this week’s Los Angeles Times and these two smart articles (here and here) in the New York Times.

Scientists had already arrived at the same conclusion — climate change is exacerbating wildfire’s impact. I invite you to read Leroy Westerling’s body of work. And see Climate Resolve/KCET’s page on the science of climate and wildfire.

Please just don’t just read — but act. I made a contribution to the North Bay Fire Relief Fund and I’m asking you to do the same.

We will see an ever-increasing rise in the severity of “natural” disasters as the earth’s oceans, land and air continue to gather more solar energy due to our heat-trapping emissions. So, in the face of these disasters, don’t forget about Climate Resolve — we’re working to curtail the climate problem at the source. Join us.