Board Member Report: The UN Climate Convention in Bonn

Posted by on November 8, 2017

Dispatch from Climate Resolve Board Member Victor Griego, who is attending the UN climate convention in Bonn:

I’m here as a board member of Climate Resolve and representing Water Education for Latino Education (WELL); WELL is committed to educating local Latino elected officials on 21st Century water management strategies.

My intention for participating in the COP23 Climate Change Conference was to identify possible partners for a water discussion at the California Climate Change Summit led by California Governor Jerry Brown next September in San Francisco. The idea is for WELL to convene water practitioners from Latin America, who will be at the September conference with the intent to learn from best water management practices. We will also explore “twin city” water strategies. I learned of the twin city concept from a panel yesterday of German scholars and practitioners who described how two cities can compete and learn from each other on their climate sustainable efforts.

Water concerns are challenging cities across the hemisphere, as extreme climate events are more prevalent. California city officials need to be properly prepared to serve their constituents during these crises. The best preparation is education and cooperation. If local city officials can learn from other countries, we can certainly work with our neighbors in California to coordinate efforts and share resources to create a sustainable quality of live for our families and communities.