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Monthly News from CR: July 2018

6 simple steps to a cooler L.A.

New Climate Resolve framing document presents CA with strategies to reduce congestion, increase accessibility

Solutions include co-benefits such as reducing greenhouse gases, improving public health, and conserving open space

Times change.

Learn about South El Monte’s Merced Avenue Greenway Project

What is the Merced Avenue Greenway Project?

Celebrating 2018’s Coolest in LA at Pico House

We honored the COOLEST IN LA, local leaders who are creating climate change solutions for Los Angeles

Climate Resolve’s fifth annual 2018 COOLEST IN LA gala brings together worlds of water management, renewable energy, public transportation, and broadcast media

LOS ANGELES, CA (March 15, 2018) — On Wednesday Mar 14, the Los Angeles-based non-profit organization Climate Resolve hosted the fifth annual COOLEST IN LA gala honoring local leaders in climate change solutions.

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