Action Alert: Support SB 150

Posted by on May 19, 2017


Call the chair of the California Senate Appropriations Committee and the member who represents your district or the district closest to you and urge them to support SB 150. Calls to Senate Appropriations Committee members must be made by the end of the day on Monday, May 22.

Senate Appropriation Chair Ricardo Lara, D-80 (Long Beach),  916-651-4033

Senator Jim Beall, D-15 (San Jose), 916-651-4015

Senator Steven Bradford, D-35 (Inglewood), 916-651-4935

Senator Jerry Hill, D-13 (San Mateo), 916-651-4013

Senator Scott Wiener, D-11 (San Francisco), 916-651-4011

Calling is easy: Tell the person who answers the phone that you urge the member to support SB 150 and take it off suspense. If you live in their district you will be asked for your name and address; if you don’t, say you want to make your opinion known because meeting our climate goals affects all of us.

Why We’re Supporting SB 150

We need regional greenhouse gas reduction targets to help meet the state’s ambitious climate goal.

Senator Ben Allen (D-Redondo Beach) is working hard to align our regional greenhouse gas reduction targets to our state’s ambitious climate goals and hold regions accountable to meeting those targets. Now, we have a couple of days to convince the Senate Appropriations Committee to take SB 150 off Suspense.

If passed, SB 150:

  • Ensures that our regional GHG targets are high enough to achieve state climate goals.
  • Hold regions accountable to their commitments, so the benefits from sustainable, equitable communities can become a reality.
  • Sends a strong signal from the state that regional transportation and land use planning should not undermine state goals.