Action Alert: Support for AB 179

Posted by on May 18, 2017

When it comes to climate solutions in California, one of the biggest ways we can reduce greenhouse gases is with improvements in the transportation sector.

Our work to reduce greenhouse gases also improves lives — with more public transit and active transportation opportunities, we can uplift some of California’s most disadvantaged communities. We need our decision-makers to understand how transportation investments impact the most burdened communities in California. All of our communities deserve safe and equitable access to all forms of mobility.

In order for California to meet its climate targets and equity goals, California Transportation Commission reform is needed. That’s why we’re urging you to join us in supporting AB 179 (Cervantes), a bill that would require that at least one voting member have specific qualification in environmental justice. The bill would also require regular coordination with the Air Resources Board, which has oversight over our state climate goals.

Please contact your rep to urge he/she vote for AB 179 when it’s voted on the Assembly Floor this coming Monday, May 22. Find your rep here.