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Weekly Roundup: Climate News for June 26-July 2

Posted by on July 2, 2016

Climate News

The Latest on Climate Change in Los Angeles and California

Glowing Reports: The 8th annual California Green Innovation Index shows huge gains for solar energy and zero-emission vehicles in California. The Inland Empire leads the Golden State solar boom. Related: The solar industry in the U.S. is also thriving (Guardian).

Bad Biz, Good Settlement: Volkswagen is going to pay almost $15 billion for lying and cheating about vehicle emissions, and California will receive about a quarter of that, with $800 million to fund zero-emissions vehicle programs and approximately $380 million to be invested in clean heavy-duty vehicles and equipment in disadvantaged communities (Air Resources BoardEPA). Upside? EVs could become more mainstream  (Wired).

Deep Discovery: Stanford researchers discovered a “water windfall” — two billion acre-feet of fresh water in the Central Valley (Capital Public Radio).

Reading List

Words Worth Repeating, Longreads, Op-Eds, and Other Notable Stories

“More research is needed on regional challenges and opportunities that go beyond the use of a single metric — global mean warming — as a proxy for climate change and its impacts.”

— From “Make Climate Change Assessments More Relevant” (Nature), on better ways researchers can communicate with policymakers

“Here’s What Your July 4 Road Trip Means for the Climate” (Climate Central)

“Why a Half-Degree Temperature Rise is a Big Deal” (NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

“California, the Clean Energy Leader” (San Diego Union-Tribune)

“I don’t ever envision the fire season ever shutting down again. In areas like southern California, the deployment of staff and resources to deal with wildfire is going to become a permanent feature rather than a seasonal one.”
— Dr. Keith Gilless, chair of the California board of forestry and fire protection, in Guardian story on the link between climate change and wildfires

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Hoorah for Science

Technology and Science for Climate Solutions

“Solar Panels Have Gotten Thinner Than a Human Hair” (Vox)

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Photos, Infographics, and Videos

NASA released a new map that tracks the devastating loss of trees in the Sierra Nevada:


Image: NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory