Weekly Roundup: Climate News for August 1-6

Posted by on August 6, 2016

Climate News

The Latest on Climate Change in Los Angeles and California, and Beyond

state of the climate

Hotter: NOAA released its “State of the Climate” report, confirming what we expected — that 2015 was the hottest year on record.

Smoggier: Southern California’s air quality has been compromised by the season’s hot temperatures and stagnant weather, with ozone levels exceeding the federal health standard most days. (The Press Enterprise)

Cooler: A new study shows that replacing lawns with drought-tolerant landscaping can have an overall cooling effect. (LA Times)

Golden: During the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in Rio, a video about climate change was presented.  (Think Progress).

Stinging: Scientists are able to link the Zika virus to climate change, pointing to factors such as the drought, El Nino, rising temperatures, and greenhouse gas pollution.  (Climate Central)

Reading List

Words Worth Repeating, Longreads, Op-Eds, and Other Notable Stories

The National Parks posted haikus on Twitter this week for a social media poetry slam. We were inspired and  composed some haikus with fellow members of the San Gabriel Mountains Forever coalition.

“California Knows Best: What’s Good For The Environment Can Also Be Great For The Economy” (Huffington Post)

“The Long Arm of the California Drought” (NOAA)

“The Sticky Truth about Economic Growth and Climate Change” (Scientific American)

“The Capitol of Car Culture, Los Angeles Warms to Mass Transit” (New York Times)

“Action to Prevent Climate Change Helps Investors, Businesses” (Sacramento Bee)

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Photos, Infographics, and Videos

map of transit futrue

“This Dreamy Map Shows The Potential Future Of L.A.’s Transit System” (above, LAist)