Weekly Climate News Roundup: October 22-27

Posted by on October 27, 2017

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Price is Right : The lowest price for solar power projects in 2016 is equivalent to the highest price for them today (Joe Romm, ThinkProgress).

Sizzling Stadium: The first game of the World Series, at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, was the hottest one on record. For the record: it was 103 (ABC News).

Cities Stepping Up: LA among 12 cities to sign the Green and Healthy Streets Declaration at the Together4Climate event in Paris (LA Mayor).

Hit By More Extreme Heat: A new analysis by the NRDC finds that two-thirds of the population are dealing with extreme heat days caused by climate change (Natasha Geiling, ThinkProgress).

Rapid Ocean Rising: New research suggests that sea level rises caused by climate change will be more severe and will occur faster than previously believed (Chris Mooney, Washington Post).

Another Paris Player: With Nicaragua to join the Paris climate accord, the United States and Syria become the only two countries outside the agreement (Reuters).

Reading List: Commentaries, Features, Longreads

“Wine Country Fires: Could a better power grid save us?” (Lisa M. Krieger, Mercury News)

“Electric buses are coming, and they’re going to help fix 4 big urban problems” (David Roberts, Vox)

“Commentary: EPA repeal of Clean Power Plan won’t get Trump what he wants” (Ben Adler, Reuters)

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Contenders for Quote of the Week:

“We will be toasted, roasted and grilled.” – International Monterary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde, on inaction in regard to addressing climate change and inequality

“We have to transcend our differences to transform our future.” – United Nations Security-General António Guterres, in his message on United Nations Day