Weekly Climate News Roundup: October 15-20

Posted by on October 20, 2017

Top Stories: Local, National, Global

More Denial in DC: A closer look at the E.P.A. website reveals that valuable resources and information about climate change have been eliminated (Lisa Friedman, New York Times).

Deadly Pollution: According to a recent study, pollution is killing nine million people every year (Brady Dennis, Washington Post).

Still No Science Advisor: More than 300 days since taking office and the President has yet to name a science adviser (Chris Mooney, Washington Post).

Moving Forward: California becomes the first in the U.S. to make a conscious effort to reduce emissions associated with the goods it imports (Zeke Hausfather, CarbonBrief).

Toxic Aftermath: The chemicals found in firefighting foam are toxic to humans and have the potential to permanently contaminate water sources and soil (Christopher Knaus, The Guardian).

Fire Context: A new UCLA study connects  the variation in climate and rainfall to California’s historic wildfires.

More Trees, Please: Planting forests and other regreening moves could play a major role in combatting climate change, a new study finds (Reuters).

Reading List: Commentaries, Features, Longreads

“Racing to Repair the Orville Dam – Before the Rains Come” (LA Times)

“Is Climate Change Hollywood’s New Supervillain?” (Graeme Virtue, The Guardian)

“The Senate’s Top Climate Advocate Explains Why Congress is Doing Nothing About Global Warming” (Jeff Stein, Vox)

“This is What America’s Eco City of the Future Looks Like” (Tom Dart, The Guardian)

“Our Cities Need Fewer Cars, Not Cleaner Cars” (Venkat Sumantran et al., The Guardian)

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“The Odd, Disconcerting Music of Climate Change” (CityLab)