Want to Do Something About Climate Change?

Posted by on September 29, 2016

People ask, What can I do about climate change?

On the last page of the November Los Angeles County ballot, you have an opportunity to strike a major blow against climate change by voting yes on Measures M and A.

Measure M will create a comprehensive transportation system in Los Angeles. It will result in less traffic, cleaner air, and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The largest share of California’s climate pollution comes from burning fossil fuel in our cars and trucks. (This is true nationally as well.) Measure M will give Angelenos a viable alternative to always relying on automobiles. The Los Angeles Times editorial says it best: Measure M would be a huge, transformative investment in making it easier, safer and more convenient to travel around Los Angeles without a car.

Among the plans are:

  • A new line through the Sepulveda Pass, connecting Van Nuys to Westwood to LAX
  • A new LAX station that connects new rail and rapid bus lines to the airport
  • A new, 20-mile rail line between Artesia and downtown LA
  • The extension of the Crenshaw Line, connecting LAX to Hollywood
  • The extension of the Gold Line, going out to Claremont, and, along the southern portion, an extension to Whittier New rapid bus lines along Vermont & Lincoln & connecting North Hollywood to Pasadena
  • New bike paths, including those connecting the LA River from the Valley to the sea
  • New funds to maintain local streets


And those are just a few of of the improvements we will see. Add to the mix Metro’s new green policies (won by the EnviroMetro coalition) ensuring that new construction will be built to the highest green standards.

Add to all this — Mayor Garcetti is doing a great job leading the campaign. He’s joined by virtually every leader in the region — as well as almost every business, labor, and nonprofit organization in Los Angeles.

Here’s one last reason to support Measure M. There will be another three million people living in LA County within the next three decades. My god, is there room on the freeways for all these people? Of course not. There is a better way — Measure M will result in less pollution, improved mobility, and a more livable Los Angeles.

Climate Resolve also supports Measure A, the Safe, Clean Neighborhood Parks Measure. Los Angeles is one of the most park-poor regions in the nation. This is not only bad for our physical and mental health, but there’s a climate connection as well: parks build social resilience. Parks are places of natural cooling. They provide access to shade and water. Parks lower the urban heat island effect throughout the region. So the next time you’re flying into LAX, look out the window and ask yourself, could LA could use more parks?

#YesOnA for LA parks, and #VoteYesOnM for a world class transit system in LA. We deserve it, and we can make it happen.

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