Alexandra Jackson

Administrative Manager

Alexandra Jackson was born in Paris and raised in Los Angeles. Her passion for the environment began in high school when she became vegetarian as a response to the knowledge that meat production significantly contributes to global greenhouse-gas emissions. After three years of living in Spain and France, she moved back to Los Angeles. She recently completed an M.Sc. in Sustainable Development at the renowned European business school, HEC Paris. She holds her B.A. in French Literature from UCLA.

She joined Climate Resolve’s Team to perform outreach for events, acquire donors and sponsors, and streamline fundraising efforts with the implementation of a donor database. Her previous experience includes: supporting the manager of the CSR Department of the French bank Société Générale; acquiring Latin America partners for a startup, Lokal Travel, that is creating an online platform featuring bookable travel experiences with a positive environmental and social impact on the places visited; and working as an MPA Intern for Heal the Bay Santa Monica.

Additionally, her multicultural background has spurred her desire to travel and learn languages. She has now been to nearly 20 countries and speaks three languages fluently (English, French, and Spanish).

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