SoCal Collaboration: KCET and Climate Resolve

Posted by on September 8, 2015

We’re excited to announce a partnership with KCET, with the creation of an online portal: Climate Change LA on the KCET website, which features the latest climate research about Southern California and provides Angelenos with everyday ways to act on climate.

“Our work on climate change in Los Angeles and Southern California is guided by climate science and we’re excited to share insights and solutions on a fact-based platform that is known and trusted,” said our Executive Director Jonathan Parfrey. “We also share a love of Southern California — appreciating what we have and showcasing ways to make it better.”

We will provide context around the studies conducted by UCLA and other California university climate scientists, and educate both consumers and businesses about the impacts of climate change. The hub will contain original content, including interviews with local leaders working on climate change solutions.

“KCETLink is proud to unveil CLIMATE CHANGE LA during a time when water issues and our drought crisis is an imperative conversation for Californians,” said KCETLink Media Group Senior Vice President, Content Development and Production, Juan Devis. “We plan to frame this important scientific research from Climate Resolve in a way that the public can readily understand and help them navigate through this unprecedented moment in our state and country.”