Sic Transit Gloria Metro

Posted by on June 24, 2016

For the first time in decades, our nation’s cars, trucks and airplanes emit more greenhouse gas than do our power plants.

You read that right. When it comes to contributing to the climate problem, burning fossil fuel for cars today out-dirties electricity.

It’s time to switch the bad-guy poster from a coal-fired power plant to a Chevy Suburban.

In California, always ahead of the nation, transportation is responsible for almost 36% of greenhouse gas emissions. Electricity, by contrast, accounts for 20% — and that number is falling. Within fifteen years, more than half of California’s electricity will be generated by renewables.

So perhaps it’s also time to change the symbol of environmental responsibility from the majestic wind turbine to that of folks riding a train.

Joy on the train. #ExpoLine #MoreExpo #GoMetro

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Here in Los Angeles, we have an opportunity to become the poster child for climate action. This November, we can expand public transit and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by voting to approve Metro’s new half-cent tax measure. The EnviroMetro coalition, of which Climate Resolve has been a leading member, has done a wonderful job of greening-up the measure, with funding commitments for public transit and active transportation. We’re excited by the tremendous opportunity embodied in 98% of proposed projects.

There’s a lot at stake. Sic transit gloria mundi is Latin for “thus passes the glory of this world.” Should we fail to embrace public transit, those ancient words will become all too true. But we can choose a glorious future instead, with support for the sales tax measure this fall and other efforts to advance transportation habits for Angelenos.