Remembering Tom Hayden

Posted by on November 4, 2016

img_0478Wonderful eulogies have been written for the late Tom Hayden and nothing I write can approximate their eloquence.

I really liked Tom. In addition to being an advisor to Climate Resolve, Tom was (just as important) a fellow baseball player. We both played on the adult baseball team, Bay City Monarchs, and he played for more years than I.

Although Tom Hayden cared deeply about climate change — he influenced Governor Brown to choose the high target of 40% below 1990 levels of GHG by 2030 — Tom also knew how to handle a 75 mph pitch. A pretty potent combination in my book.

I have loads of fond memories of Tom — hanging at Camp Laurel Springs, grabbing breakfast at Farmshop, talking strategy. Yet my favorite memory is from 1992; it wasn’t in person but watching Hayden on television. It was the first night of “civil unrest.” The nation turned on their TVs in shock, looking for an explanation. There was Hayden on the street, flames behind him, contextualizing the anger and frustration. That night, Tom Hayden was the most valuable player in the United States.