Olympics in LA: A Win for Climate-Friendly Transportation

Posted by on July 13, 2017

Photo: IOC/Greg Martin

We’re excited about LA hosting the Olympic Games.

It might not seem an obvious win for climate action, but here’s the more subtle reason why we’re excited. The LA Olympics bid includes a climate-friendly transportation plan for getting athletes and spectators between the various sporting venues — a plan that highlights low-carbon public transit and no-carbon active transportation options in LA County.

While LA is still a very car-centric city — many Angelenos are not even familiar yet with the alternatives to driving a car that are available for them to get from point A to B — this proposal will help to draw attention to more sustainable transportation options, and could inspire Angelenos to rethink how they choose to move around in their everyday lives.

It’s just one step in that eye-opening direction. Other nudges, such as employer-subsidized transit passes and open street events like CicLAvia, are other steps we can take to try to lure Angelenos onto a more climate-friendly path of non-car-dependence.