Now is the Time

Posted by on March 28, 2017

Today the Trump Administration upended federal action on climate change.

What Trump did today is an attack against you, your future, and the health and well-being of each and every American.

Now is the time to resist.

We do not accept the administration’s rollback on climate action — gutting the Clean Power Plan without any replacement to curb emissions.

We do not condone this disregard for science, nor do we support a shift from clean to dirty energy.

Here’s what we can do: we’re asking you to become a bright light of resistance.

Attend Climate Day LA on April 21 — and recruit others to come (today!). At Climate Day LA, you’ll acquire new skills, knowledge, and ideas on being a more effective climate advocate. And it’s a party! By the end of the day, you will feel empowered.

Join us on April 22 at the March for Science in Los Angeles. Scientists tell us we will see temperatures continue to rise and an increase in extreme heat events in Los Angeles. By understanding the science, we can design solutions to keep LA cool and protect Angelenos from threatening effects of drought, flood, and sea level rise. By supporting scientists, we can continue our progress.

Learn more about local climate impacts on our “Climate Change LA” blog on KCET, where you can find summaries of local climate studies by our friends at UCLA, as well as interviews with scientists and others involved in local solutions. The more you know, the more you can spread the word and build support for climate solutions.

Engage your network. Share our social media posts on climate action and solutions. Tell your friends to stay informed on local climate action; specifically, get your friends to sign up for Climate Resolve mailings to be updated on local climate progress and ways to be a part of the solution.

Make a one-time or recurring monthly donation to Climate Resolve. With your donations, we can step up efforts to address climate impacts in Los Angeles, from winning legislation on cool roofs to being a part of the coalition behind Measure M, which will more than double our public transit network. Our work makes climate science accessible, and ensures that policymakers stay informed on what will make LA cool. And it’s not just policymakers — our outreach aims to keep all Angelenos climate-aware, climate-active, climate-resilient, and climate-resolved.

We believe in California. Our state is leading the resistance — and with your help, LA can be a beacon to the nation. Hey, they need us right now.