Not Another Damn Sugarcoated Holiday Appeal

Posted by on December 13, 2014

Isn’t it a beautiful sight? Rain? Rain! Palm trees. Our iconic art deco city hall.

While everyone was saying that the drought was the sign of a climate apocalypse (or while many weren’t paying attention at all), Climate Resolve was working with the city, universities, and climate experts to cut through the hyperbole and explore what rising temperatures really mean for Los Angeles and California’s water resources.

That pragmatic, we-can-do-this, science-based procedure is Climate Resolve’s trademark approach to the real and pressing challenges a changing climate poses to the city I grew up in and the city I love.

Climate Resolve is working to make Southern California more livable and prosperous today by mitigating our impact on global climate change while examining how the region will adapt to future changes.

Here’s some straight talk:

1. It’s going to get hotter in Los Angeles. A lot hotter.

2. Snowpack in our local mountains will plummet.

3. Californians will have to find new ways of collecting water.

Thanks to UCLA’s latest study, we now know the region will likely receive just as much precipitation in the future as we have in the past.

Climate Resolve created the media messaging for these breakthrough UCLA studies and got the news out to the press. The Los Angeles Times, KCRW, KPCC, and the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences all covered the study, validating our approach. We make climate change relevant in the lives of every Angeleno. California’s new climate policies prove that solid science leads to smart and effective public policy.

And this new information should give us confidence to invest in Los Angeles to make the Southland more resilient to climate change. Knowing it’s going to rain means we should fix Hansen Dam, repair our city streets so rain is collected instead of dumped into the LA River, and take similar measures to harness the rain by constructing water catchers, large and small, throughout the city. Together these efforts can make Los Angeles more resilient. And that’s one of many areas that Climate Resolve is focused on to make LA livable and more prosperous today and for generations to come.

So this season, I hope you appreciate the straight talk, and the fact that we’re taking on the hard stuff. And we hope you will give to Climate Resolve.

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