Make California Unchallengeable

Posted by on November 22, 2016

I’m asking you to help California keep winning in the fight against climate change.

And California is winning.

On Election Day, LA’s Measure M — our transformative transportation measure — won by a wide margin. Climate Resolve rallied behind the measure, putting in a ton of resources to ensure victory, and now Los Angeles is in-line for new rail, bus and bike lanes that will relieve traffic and reduce our region’s greenhouse gas emissions.

LA voters also approved Measure A, the parks initiative. Climate Resolve supported Measure A to expressly help local communities fend off drought and extreme heat.

Los Angeles voted well. California voted well. The rest of the nation . . . not so much. I can’t sugarcoat our new reality. You’ve no doubt read at length about Trump’s threat to climate action.

But California is different. California is a bulwark against the madness — a sign that government can grow the economy and act boldly on climate at the same time. We are proof climate action works.

You can keep climate action alive in the United States by keeping climate action alive here in California. And, hey, that’s Climate Resolve’s specialty.

Here’s the ask. Climate Resolve needs to raise a commitment of at least $72,000 by January 20 in order to put our staff to work in the right places. We need your contribution to:

  • Help us bolster local climate action throughout California. Climate Resolve has been asked to help lead the Alliance of Regional Collaboratives for Climate Adaptation, a group of local officials working on climate solutions.
  • Help us make Los Angeles a model for the nation. With the county and city committed to resilience goals and climate investments in Los Angeles, Climate Resolve is in demand. We need your help to help others.
  • Help us deepen LA’s commitment. Climate Resolve is now gearing up for Climate Day LA, our annual event to inform and mobilize 1,000+ local leaders.

Yes, a big check with many zeros would be magnificent . . . but I have another plan. I’m looking for ten (10) friends willing to contribute $200 per month for the next year. Then, we need another twenty (20) supporters to give $100 per month. Finally, I’m looking for one hundred (100) young people to give $20 a month. And that will get us to our goal.

And don’t forget the therapeutic benefit of giving: it will help us move together from depression to action. The act of doing beats fretting any day of the week. We need your help NOW.