Keep Your Head Up

Posted by on June 7, 2017

President Trump made a stupendously bad decision by withdrawing the United States of America from the Paris climate accord.

But take heart — the people of the world are stepping up.

Let’s start at home.

1. Led by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, 246 (and counting) U.S. mayors have committed to upholding the Paris Accord goals in their home towns.

2. The State of California and nine other states have formed the United States Climate Alliance to fulfill the goals of the Paris agreement. Plus nine additional states plan to abide by the agreement.

3. California Governor Jerry Brown just negotiated a deal with China to advance low-carbon technologies, including EVs.

4. The California Senate just passed Kevin de Leon’s bill to achieve 100% of the state’s power from renewable sources by the year 2045.

5. The latest Gallup poll shows six out of 10 Americans disagree with Trump’s decision to back out of the Paris agreement.

6. Business leaders, investors and educators joined mayors and governors in making commitments to voluntarily adhere to Paris, signing on to the “We Are All Still In” letter.

7. Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg pledged $15 million to fulfill monetary obligations resulting from the U.S. withdrawal.

8. Two Angelenos, Elon Musk and Disney’’s Robert Iger resigned from Trump’s business advisory council after the President’s announced withdrawal.

9. The media quickly revealed the major falsehoods and mischaracterizations in Trump’s speech.

And around the globe:

10. The nation of China renewed its commitment to the climate accord.

11. The nation of India now plans to exceed its Paris climate targets.

12. The European Union renewed its commitment.

13. Canada renewed its commitment.

14. French President Emmanuel Macron renewed France’s commitment, posting a “Make Our Planet Great Again” widely-shared social media image.

15. And the acting U.S. Ambassador to China resigned over the Trump decision.

When local governments succeed on climate action and thrive economically, other cities and states will follow suit. Not because of virtue, but other states will be driven by the need to stay competitive in a changing world.

Climate action needs to succeed in California — and we need to do it right. The world is looking to us. And once we succeed . . . the rest will follow.