Green Schools Update: Santiago High School Assembly

Posted by on May 26, 2017

Helping the students set up for the event.

What a great day working with the students at Garden Grove Unified School District! A lot of our work with GGUSD is behind the scenes — such as helping them save energy and water with Drought Response Outreach Program (DROPS) funding for drought-tolerant landscaping on three campuses in the district. But we recently got to share and celebrate sustainability and climate action at Santiago High School’s assembly with nearly 2000 enthusiastic students.

At the “Bee Aware”-themed event, hosts from student government kept the energy moving. Student auteur Aaron Nguyen presented a video in collaboration with the Santiago Sustainability Council (SSC) to educate the rest of the student body about the school’s involvement with DROPS, being “water-wise,” and other things everyone can do to make an impact. The Young Filmmakers’ Society presented two films, one about SSC’s “Day Without A Trashcan” and a moving montage to accompany a live performance of John Lennon’s “Imagine” by choir students and two teachers on back-up acoustic guitar! Everyone put their (digital) lighters in the air.

By lunchtime, students had made 1400 pledges to do one thing to save water, energy, and lower their carbon footprints. There was a lunchtime sustainability job fair. And one week after the event, the Sustainability Council had 40 new members attend their lunchtime meet-up. That’s progress.