Forward Movement: Support for Mobility Plan 2035

Posted by on June 12, 2015

Planning better ways to get around the city? Sign us up! Los Angeles transportation policies have not been updated since 1999. It’s time — and we’re in support of Mobility Plan 2035. The plan has been approved by the planning commission and next comes Los Angeles City Council consideration. We’re joining other organizations in rallying support for the plan by reaching out to city council members.

Here are some key observations about the plan and how it can help Los Angeles:

  • Transportation accounts for more than 40% of our GHG emissions — reshaping it has to be part of the equation to meet reduction targets.
  • The City Mobility Plan 2035 lays the groundwork for an integrated, multimodal transportation network — we salute it for that! Having alternative options encourages people to shift their transportation behavior away from cars and towards public transit, walking, and biking.
  • The plan’s Complete Streets Design Guide is a comprehensive approach to achieve multiple benefits (environmental, mobility, quality of life). We especially like its dedicated bike lanes and peak-hour transit lanes.
  • The plan’s Environmental Impact Report (EIR) indicates that implementation will bring about a 2% reduction in vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and a “less-than-significant” reduction in GHG emissions. While this is better than an increase, we’d like to see even more progress being made in this direction.
  • To help combat the urban heat island (UHI) effect and adapt to temperature increases resulting from climate change, we would like to see bus stops shaded by tree cover, especially in those areas with the greatest UHI effect and the most socially vulnerable populations. Also, we urge the City to include cool surfaces (high albedo/solar reflectivity) as part of future transportation infrastructure investments.

Join us in supporting the plan by reaching out to your council member. You can email your council member by consulting the Council District directory and/or tweet him/her with the handles below.