Climate News Weekly Roundup: November 12-17

Posted by on November 17, 2017

Top Stories: Local, National, Global

States on Center Stage: 20 U.S. states, supported by many of the nation’s largest cities and businesses, have joined together to form “America’s Pledge,”  a commitment to combat global warming. (Fiona Harvey and Jonathan Watts, The Guardian). Related:  Op-ed by Michael Bloomberg and Jerry Brown, “The U.S. Is Tackling Global Warming, Even if Trump Isn’t” (The New York Times).

Flourishing Under2 Coalition: The coalition — a group of sub-national governments dedicated to addressing climate change and adhering to the Paris Climate Agreement — has just reached 205 signatories.

California Charging Ahead: The state may reach 50 percent clean energy by 2020, ten years earlier than previously anticipated. (Nathanael Johnson, Grist)

Emissions Backslide: Though global carbon dioxide emissions were at a plateau the past three years, this year’s emissions are projected to climb to an all-time high. (Brad Plumer and Nadja Popovich)

Right On Resistance: Protesters and hecklers interrupted the U.S. government’s climate conference event pushing for fossil fuels. (Damian Carrington, The Guardian)

Reading List: Commentaries, Features, Longreads

“Will We Be ‘Wiped Out?’ How Climate Change is Affecting California” (Christopher Cadelago, The Sacramento Bee)

“As U.S. Sheds Role as Climate Leader, Who Will Fill the Void?” (Lisa Friedman, New York Times)

“The Trump Climate Agenda Relies on Manufactured Reality” (Natasha Geiling, ThinkProgress)

“Unsafe Streets Killed My Mother. It’s Time to Act” (Colleen Corcoran, Houston Chronicle)

“4 Ways Cities Can Become Climate Heroes” (David Roberts, Vox)

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“The only question is will human beings be able to react in time, or will we have to get such an extreme event that we get wiped out?” – Jerry Brown

“The past few years are a harbinger of what is to come. We had a blockbuster last year, by some measures the most precipitation in the historical record. And we had before that this very deep drought with unprecedented tree mortality.” – Dr. Alex Hall

“We have to avoid falling into these four perverse attitudes, which certainly do not help honest research and sincere and productive dialogue on building the future of our planet: negation, indifference, resignation and trust in inadequate solutions.” – Pope Francis