Climate News Roundup: September 25-30

Posted by on September 29, 2017

Top News: Local, National, Global

Trouble with Trees: Though the world’s tropical forests were previously regarded as carbon sinks, new research finds that they are actually a major source of carbon emissions (Jonathan Watts, The Guardian).

Weather-Climate Connection: A new poll reveals the majority of Americans believe climate change is responsible for making hurricanes more intense (Emily Guskin and Brady Dennis, Washington Post). More: Opinion on the subject from our Executive Director, Jonathan Parfrey.

Gas-Free?: A California Assemblyman plans to present a bill to ban the sale of new cars that run on gas. (Alexei Koseff, Sacramento Bee)

Green Corporate Commitment: 110 major corporations have pledged to meet all of their power needs from completely renewable sources by 2020. (Emma Foehringer Merchant, Green Tech Media)

Reading List: Commentaries, Features, Longreads

Spotlight on California’s climate champion, Mary Nichols: “U.S. Climate Change Policy: Made in California” (Hiroko Tabuchi, NY Times)

Road Rage: “Entitled drivers are getting in the way of California’s climate change efforts” (The Times Editorial Board, LA Times)

Facing the Flood: “California Cities Will Flood, So Why Aren’t We Ready?” (Lauren Sommer, KQED Science)

Down and Dirty: “California wants to store carbon in the soil” (Yale Climate Connections)

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Feeling the Heat: “It’s Getting (Dangerously) Hot in Herre” (NPR’s Codeswitch)