Climate News Roundup: October 9-15

Posted by on October 15, 2016

Climate News

The Latest on Climate Change in Los Angeles and California, and Beyond

The California Energy Commission and the Navy signed an agreement to advance renewable energy initiatives. “California and the Navy are taking action to boost energy efficiency and curb our dependence on fossil fuels,” said California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.

Los Angeles was awarded $65 million in cap-and-trade funds for affordable housing (LA Times).

A sure sign that renewable energy is the right path: 2016’s energy-related carbon dioxide emissions are down — the lowest they’ve been since 1991.

A new study connects the rise in wildfires  in western states — they’ve doubled — to climate change .

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“To thrive, people need space to breathe, walk and play. Vote yes on Measure A for parks” by the LA Times Editorial Board

“Katharine Hayhoe, a Climate Explainer Who Stays Above the Storm” by John Schwartz in the New York Times

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