Climate News Roundup: February 19-25, 2017

Posted by on February 25, 2017

The Latest on Climate Change in Los Angeles and California, and Beyond

Clean Up: A new bill introduced by the California Senate, SB 584, would mandate that California generate 100% of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2045. (LA Times)

Preservation Package: The California State Senate introduced the “Preserve California” legislative package: The California Environmental Defense Act (SB 49); The Public Lands Protection Act (SB 50); and The Whistleblower and Public Data Protection Act (SB 51).

Rain Explained: The reason for all the rain this season is explained by the increase of atmospheric storms (Mercury News). Related: All the rain has provided much-needed drought relief. Only 17% of the state is suffering from the drought (Sacramento Bee).

Words Worth Reading and Repeating

“Oroville Dam shows urgent need for climate adaptation” (Alex Hall and Mark Gold).

“The Enormous Risk of Being Silent on Climate Change” (UC President Janet Napolitano).

“If Washington doesn’t want to lead on cleaning up our air or fighting climate change, it should stay out of our way.” — Kevin de León (LA Times)