Climate News Roundup: April 2-8

Posted by on April 8, 2017

The Latest on Climate Change in Los Angeles and California, and Beyond

Not Fake News: The Energy Department has instructed staff to refrain from using “climate change” in any written materials. (Politico)

Cheaper and Cleaner: A new UN report indicates renewable energy sources could be cheaper than fossil fuels within 10 years.

Statewide Progress: The California Air Resources Board released a new report detailing projects across the Golden State funded by cap & trade dollars.

Reading List

“California’s Conservative Farmers Tackle Climate Change, in Their Own Way” (Christian Science Monitor)

“Our society needs to be concerned with the prospects of there being less and less water available…”

“What Financial Markets Can Teach Us About Managing Climate Risks” (Michael Greenstone, NY Times)

“…there is arguably no more consequential instance of the need to choose an appropriate discount rate than the case of climate change, because the greenhouse gases we release today will alter the climate for centuries….”

“Climate Converts: The Conservatives Who Are Switching Sides on Warming” (Yale Environment 360)

“A meeting with a hedge fund executive named Bob Litterman pushed Taylor past a tipping point. Litterman is a PhD economist and former head of risk management at Goldman Sachs who serves on the board of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Like Weitzman, he worries about worst-case scenarios, just as he once did at Goldman, and he believes it is a terrible mistake not to tax fossil fuels to account for the risks associated with greenhouse gas emissions. ‘This is an insanity that would never be tolerated on Wall Street,’ Litterman says.”

“California Should Stay the Environmental Course” (Ventura Star)

“The world has made great strides in the last decade in shifting from a fossil-fuel-based energy society into a cleaner energy focus that has stimulated the economy through the creation of new categories of jobs while meeting our energy needs without pollution….”

“California’s ‘New’ Environmentalism: Toxic Air, Tainted Water Driving Climate Change Debate” (Mercury News)

“We’ve done a lot for this global environment, but we’ve done very little for the needs of these communities….”

Take a Look

John Oliver takes on food waste on “Last Week Tonight.”