Climate Leadership in LA: Interview with Laura Renger

Posted by on June 26, 2017

Cross-posted on the Path to Positive Los Angeles blog.

Laura Renger is the Principal Manager of Air & Climate, Regulatory Affairs for Southern California Edison (SCE) and a speaker for Climate Day LA.

Tell us about your work on climate change.

I work for Southern California Edison, where I lead a team focused on air quality and climate issues. We spend a lot of our time focusing on electric vehicle adoption, because transportation is responsible for almost half of the GHG emissions in our state.

What inspired you on your career path? And what or who inspires you now?

Like everyone else, I breathe air! Poor air quality is making us sick. I have lived almost my whole life in greater Los Angeles and I love our home. I want it to be healthy and well.

What are the barriers you face in work — and what could make your job easier?

I need more time in the day. There is so much work to do in order to help the state meet its GHG and air quality goals. I think that the utilities play a really important role in this effort, and my team and I are working really hard to get there.

A genie grants you two wishes that will help fight climate change. What do you ask for? The third wish is for anything you want (sky’s the limit!).

CPUC approval of SCE’s January 2017 Transportation Electrification filing. Continued strong climate leadership from the state of California. All customers waking up one day and realizing that electric transportation can work and they don’t need a gasoline car to live in LA!