Celebrating 2018’s Coolest in LA at Pico House

Posted by on March 15, 2018

We honored the COOLEST IN LA, local leaders who are creating climate change solutions for Los Angeles

Climate Resolve’s fifth annual 2018 COOLEST IN LA gala brings together worlds of water management, renewable energy, public transportation, and broadcast media

LOS ANGELES, CA (March 15, 2018) — On Wednesday Mar 14, the Los Angeles-based non-profit organization Climate Resolve hosted the fifth annual COOLEST IN LA gala honoring local leaders in climate change solutions. The 2018 COOLEST IN LA gala awarded the following Angelenos for their work on innovative local climate solutions:

  • Gabriela Teissier, news and weather anchor at Univision Communications, who is co-host of the number one Spanish-language television station in the nation covering climate change from the perspective of world affairs and local news;
  • Glen Dake, the chair-elect of the California League of Conservation Voters political action committee and director at the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, who was instrumental in founding the LA Community Garden Council, the LA Neighborhood Land Trust, and most recently the East Hollywood Gardening Achievement Center;
  • Nancy Sutley, chair of California League of Conservation Voters Education Fund and chief sustainability officer of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, who served as chair of Obama’s White House Council on Environmental Quality and one of the chief architects of Obama’s Climate Action Plan;
  • Seleta Reynolds, general manager of Los Angeles Department of Transportation, who expanded access to transportation and safer streets for Angelenos by implementing the Great Streets program.

By celebrating local leaders, the annual Coolest in LA gala event is part of Climate Resolve’s mission to inspire people at home, at work, and in government to reduce climate pollution as well as prepare for climate impacts for a more equitable, just, livable, prosperous, and sustainable California today and for generations to come. Mr. Dake, Ms. Sutley, Ms. Reynolds, and Ms. Teissier serve as examples of innovators in Los Angeles who are creating local solutions to a global issue.

“We honored four great Angelenos who are guiding the city towards a better future, said Jonathan Parfrey, Executive Director at Climate Resolve.

The intimate evening hosted more than 200 guests from the worlds of water management, renewable energy, public transportation, broadcast media, and grassroots advocacy. This year’s gala took place at Pico House, the National Historic Landmark in the heart of Los Angeles. The host for the evening was Clifford Johnson, Maxwell Prize-winning physicist who recently published the graphic novel, “The Dialogues: Conversations about the Nature of the Universe.” Reception entertainment was provided by DJ VenessaMichaels. A generous Mexican buffet was catered by the time-honored, family-owned restaurant Maracas Café with Guatemala dessert from the worker-owned catering cooperative De La Luna Catering.

Climate Resolve is a Los Angeles-based 501(c)(3) tax-deductible nonprofit organization, founded in 2010, that focuses on local solutions to global climate change, and works to achieve outcomes that bestow multiple benefits.

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