Board Member Report: The UN Climate Convention in Bonn

Dispatch from Climate Resolve Board Member Victor Griego, who is attending the UN climate convention in Bonn:

I’m here as a board member of Climate Resolve and representing Water Education for Latino Education (WELL); WELL is committed to educating local Latino elected officials on 21st Century water management strategies.

Californians Need Help in Worst Wildfires Ever

Our friends living north and east of San Francisco Bay are suffering through the worst wildfires in California history.

Support for Water Conservation As a Way of Life

We’re so proud of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for his stand on water conservation in California.

7 Things to Know About Soil and Climate Change

Greenhouse gases in atmosphere are driving climate change, but we can look to the ground below us in our efforts to fight it.

Sacramento at 106°

There’s big news out of Sacramento this week: the California Assembly failed to fully approve two key climate laws.

LADWP Rate Increase: Paying for a Better Los Angeles

Our reaction to the proposed rate increase by LADWP?

Press Release: LADWP Rate Increase is Reasonable and Necessary



LOS ANGELES (July 10)—Former Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) Commissioner, and current executive director of Climate Resolve, Jonathan Parfrey, released the following statement in response to the five-year rate increase announced by LADWP.

Greener Garden Grove Schools with a DROPS Grant

With dire stories of the drought dominating the news these days, it’s good to report some good news on the subject: A school we’ve been working with for our Climate Smart Schools program with EcoMotion has been awarded nearly two million dollars on water-saving projects.

LADWP Wants You to Cash In Your Lawn

Finally ready to nix your water-thirsty lawn?

Take Action Against the Drought & Easily Cut Water Use

With California’s drought taking center stage in the media lately, it’s important to recognize that all Angelenos and Californians alike can take immediate action to reduce water usage in our everyday lives.

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