Calling All Adults

We learned the Trump administration plans to slash the Environmental Protection Agency budget by 24% — which will result in laying off one-in-five EPA workers.

Vote No on S: Bad for LA, Bad for Climate Action

Climate Resolve opposes Measure S, which will be put before Los Angeles voters on the March ballot.

California’s Next Move

First, we must agree on the facts about climate change. Then, we must establish an iterative process that engages policymakers with local practitioners, businesses, and community members, who can all contribute to designing the best way to safeguard California. The California Climate Change Symposium is just that forum.

Reasons to Invest in 2017

In the waning hours of 2016, I’m asking you to invest in 2017.

Let’s Do This

Climate Resolve started with the audacious idea that climate action begins at home.

Four Things I Find Comforting

In light of Trump’s proposed appointees and the awful rhetoric, here are four things I find greatly comforting.

Make California Unchallengeable

I’m asking you to help California keep winning in the fight against climate change.

Remembering Tom Hayden

Wonderful eulogies have been written for the late Tom Hayden and nothing I write can approximate their eloquence.

Vote Yes on A: The Climate Case

Climate Resolve firmly supports Measure A on the November 8 ballot in Los Angeles.

Battleground State of Mind

We’re in the middle of an electoral battleground — and I’m not talking about Nevada or Florida.

Getting to Yes

Environmentalists say “no” a lot.

Want to Do Something About Climate Change?

People ask, What can I do about climate change?

A Burning Question?

Firefighters continue to battle the Sand Fire as it rages on in the Angeles National Forest outside Los Angeles, California.

Sic Transit Gloria Metro

For the first time in decades, our nation’s cars, trucks and airplanes emit more greenhouse gas than do our power plants.

Seeing Climate Change: Climate & Infrastructure Art Exhibit in Los Angeles

Carolina Caycedo Dammed Landscape / Paisaje Respresado, 2013 | Courtesy of Instituto de Visión.

Democracy Actualized

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs posits five stages of psychological health.

LA at Its Best

If you want to see what Los Angeles can become, attend CicLAvia.

Father Daniel Berrigan SJ – Requiescat in pace

Father Daniel Berrigan SJ died Saturday, April 30, in New York City at the age of 94.

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