Climate News Roundup: March 19-25

The Latest on Climate Change in Los Angeles and California, and Beyond

Taking Charge: The California Air Resources board voted unanimously to continue with the vehicle greenhouse gas emission standards and zero-emission vehicle program for vehicles sold in California through 2025.

Video: The Coolest in LA for 2017

We had a great night celebrating these five Coolest in LA projects:

Metro and CEO Phil Washington for slashing LA’s greenhouse gas emissions UCLA’s Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences for Alex Hall’s state-of-the-art research into California’s climate future Rayton Solar for its revolutionary research in solar efficiency David Abel and VerdeXchange for putting LA’s cleantech industry on the map 3M for developing breakthrough cool roofing materials

What Motivates Us on International Women’s Day

One of the best things about working at a nonprofit devoted to climate solutions?

Calling All Adults

We learned the Trump administration plans to slash the Environmental Protection Agency budget by 24% — which will result in laying off one-in-five EPA workers.

Climate News Roundup: February 19-25, 2017

The Latest on Climate Change in Los Angeles and California, and Beyond

Clean Up: A new bill introduced by the California Senate, SB 584, would mandate that California generate 100% of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2045.

Climate News Roundup: February 12-18, 2017

The Latest on Climate Change in Los Angeles and California, and Beyond

Solar Rising: “In its biggest year to date, the United States solar market nearly doubled its annual record, topping out at 14,626 megawatts of solar PV installed in 2016….” (Green Tech Media)

Water Rising: The Oroville Dam crisis shed a light on our need to prepare for climate impacts.

Vote No on S: Bad for LA, Bad for Climate Action

Climate Resolve opposes Measure S, which will be put before Los Angeles voters on the March ballot.

California Climate Change Symposium Photos

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More photos from the California Climate Change Symposium on the symposium site.

California, Climate Action and Hope for the Future

Climate science and climate policy are leading California in the right direction.

Wrap-Up: California Climate Change Symposium 2017

[View the story “California Climate Change Symposium 2017” on Storify]

California’s Next Move

First, we must agree on the facts about climate change. Then, we must establish an iterative process that engages policymakers with local practitioners, businesses, and community members, who can all contribute to designing the best way to safeguard California. The California Climate Change Symposium is just that forum.

Climate News Roundup: January 8-14

The Latest on Climate Change in Los Angeles and California, and Beyond

A new PPIC poll reveals that 64% of Californians understand that we are already feeling the effects of climate change.

Reasons to Invest in 2017

In the waning hours of 2016, I’m asking you to invest in 2017.

Let’s Do This

Climate Resolve started with the audacious idea that climate action begins at home.

Climate Resolve at Work: December 2016

Here’s a Storify snapshot of what we were worked on in December.

Climate News: Weekly Roundup for December 11-16

The Latest on Climate Change in Los Angeles and California, and Beyond

Los Angeles passed the Existing Building Energy and Water Efficiency ordinance to save energy and water and reduce greenhouse gases….

Four Things I Find Comforting

In light of Trump’s proposed appointees and the awful rhetoric, here are four things I find greatly comforting.

Good Policy: Zero Waste Plan

The City Council will be voting this week on the carefully crafted Zero Waste Plan, a landmark effort that promises to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas pollution and other environmental impacts in the region.

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