Climate Resolve Staff Interview: Bryn Lindblad

Get to know Bryn Lindblad, Climate Resolve’s Associate Director.

Weekly Roundup: Climate News for July 10-16

Climate News The Latest on Climate Change in Los Angeles and California, and Beyond Moving Forward: The California Air Resources Board released a plan to extend the Golden State’s cap-and-trade program beyond 2020.

Cool Roofs Under Attack: Our Response

On July 12, the Los Angeles Daily News published an ill-informed opinion column attacking a program that is helping Los Angeles lead in the fight against climate change. Here's our response.

9 Reasons to Love (Yes, Love) Transportation in Los Angeles

LA’s transportation system is dramatically improving and there are more plans in the works.

Climate Resolve Staff Interview: Cristy Stiles

Get to know Cristy Stiles, Climate Resolve’s Administrative Director.

Keeping LA Cool: Urban Heat Island Conference

We hosted a conference with the Mayor’s office on Thursday, July 7 to discuss collaborative efforts to curb the urban heat island effect in Los Angeles.

Weekly Roundup: Climate News for June 26-July 2

Climate News The Latest on Climate Change in Los Angeles and California Glowing Reports: The 8th annual California Green Innovation Index shows huge gains for solar energy and zero-emission vehicles in California.

Behind the Scenes with Climate Resolve: June 2016

[View the story “Climate Resolve at Work: June 2016” on Storify]

Weekly Roundup: Climate News for June 20-25

Climate News: Los Angeles, California, and Beyond the Golden State Cleaning Up: Diablo Canyon, the last operating nuclear power plant in California, will be shut down by 2025.

Sic Transit Gloria Metro

For the first time in decades, our nation’s cars, trucks and airplanes emit more greenhouse gas than do our power plants.

Weekly Roundup: Climate News for June 12-18

Local Climate News Los Angeles and California Stories Sizzling: A few days before the first official day of summer, we’ve got a heat wave.

Weekly Roundup: Climate News for June 6-10

Local Climate News Los Angeles and California Stories Win-Win on Water: Water conservation efforts in California to address the drought are saving energy.

Field Trip: Athens Services Plant

Where We Went Athens Services Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Sun Valley, California What They Do Separate waste from locations across Southern California.

Seeing Climate Change: Climate & Infrastructure Art Exhibit in Los Angeles

Carolina Caycedo Dammed Landscape / Paisaje Respresado, 2013 | Courtesy of Instituto de Visión.

Democracy Actualized

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs posits five stages of psychological health.

Climate Resolve Staff Interview: Kristina von Hoffmann

Get to know Kristina von Hoffmann, Climate Resolve’s Outreach Director.

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