Dispatch from Bonn – Day Three

Conversations “just happen” at the Bonn climate conference — and it’s one of the joys of being here.

Board Member Report: The UN Climate Convention in Bonn

Dispatch from Climate Resolve Board Member Victor Griego, who is attending the UN climate convention in Bonn:

I’m here as a board member of Climate Resolve and representing Water Education for Latino Education (WELL); WELL is committed to educating local Latino elected officials on 21st Century water management strategies.

Dispatch from Bonn – Day Two

Let’s start at the end of the day.

Dispatch from Bonn – Day One

Greetings from Bonn, Germany. I’m attending my first United Nations climate conference.

Positively 4th Street

My teenage years growing up in Malibu were spent hiking in the mountains and lazing at the beach.

Weekly Climate News Roundup: October 22-27

Top Stories: Local, National, Global

Price is Right : The lowest price for solar power projects in 2016 is equivalent to the highest price for them today (Joe Romm, ThinkProgress).

Weekly Climate News Roundup: October 15-20

Top Stories: Local, National, Global

More Denial in DC: A closer look at the E.P.A.

Climate News Weekly Roundup: October 8-14

Top Stories: Local, National, Global

Deadly Fires: The worst wildfires in state history burned in Northern California this week.

Climate News: SB 150 Passes

Big win for climate action, as Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 150 into law.

California’s Clean Power Future

News that the EPA plans to repeal the Clean Power Plan is not surprising, given the current administration’s antiquated support of coal and fossil fuels.

No Curveballs

Extreme Hurricanes – Caribbean Extreme Flood – Texas Extreme Drought – Dakotas Extreme Wildfire – Intermountain West Extreme Heat – New York, Europe, Australia Extreme Locusts, Lice and Frogs – ancient Egypt

The first five events are quite recent.

Event: Los Angeles Screening of “Wasted! The Story of Food Waste”

Join Climate Resolve  and LA Food Policy Council as we present a screening of:


Behind the Scenes: Climate Resolve at Work September 2017

[View the story “Climate Resolve at Work: September 2027 ” on Storify]

Climate News Roundup: September 17-22

Top Stories: City, State, Global Climate News

Rising Up: San Francisco and Oakland filed lawsuits against oil, gas and coal companies for driving sea level rise.

Hurricane Harvey and Climate Change

I just sent a personal donation to the Houston Mayor’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

Cool Streets: Pilot News

We’re piloting cool pavement to reduce heat in L.A.

Climate Resolve at Work: August 2017

[View the story “Climate Resolve at Work: August 2017” on Storify]

Climate Leadership in LA: Interview with Dawn Wilson

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