Calling All Adults

Posted by on March 2, 2017

We learned the Trump administration plans to slash the Environmental Protection Agency budget by 24% — which will result in laying off one-in-five EPA workers.

This gutting of the EPA threatens the most basic protection of our air, water, soil and climate.

We need adults of all ages to step up and take responsibility for our nation — and we can start here in Los Angeles.

I’m asking you to become more involved in Climate Resolve.

One way is to attend our Coolest in LA event on March 15. This is a fun and educational event. I promise.

Second, you can join our Path to Positive campaign, co-organized with ecoAmerica. We wish to add your name and portrait to our leaders page. Check it out at You’ll be in great company and we’ll work together to make LA climate-ready and -resilient.

Third, you can volunteer at our office in downtown Los Angeles. To do so, contact Climate Resolve’s Outreach Director Kristina von Hoffmann (outreach [at] climateresolve [dot] org). Next, sign-up three friends — that’s all for now, just three — to receive this newsletter and other climate-related communications from us. (Hey, we don’t pester too much.) Here’s the link; please pass it on:

Calling all adults — Democrats, Republicans, Greens and Whigs — the world needs you. Time to step up.