The best things that happened in 2017

Posted by on January 4, 2018

Climate Mayors and We’re Still In Coalition. When President Trump withdrew from the Paris climate accord, more people Googled-searched the phrase “climate change” than ever before. Mayor Garcetti’s Climate Mayors group swelled in numbers (now represents 384 mayors, representing 68 million Americans) and the “We’re Still In” Coalition now has more than 2,500 leaders from America’s city halls, state houses, boardrooms, and college campuses. The climate movement made some sweet lemonade in 2017!

Jonathan Parfrey
Executive Director

After passing Measure M, a monumental transportation funding package for Los Angeles County, Metro formed a Policy Advisory Council to engage with stakeholders in a more meangingful and ongoing way than ever before. Climate Resolve was appointed to serve in an Environment/Social Equity seat, and continues to engage with the EnviroMetro coalition to recommend ways that our local transportation authority can do better than business as usual to make Los Angeles a greener, more pleasant place to be — especially for people outside of cars!

Bryn Lindblad
Associative Director

The students at three high schools (Santiago, Bolsa Grande, and Los Amigos) in Garden Grove Unified School District have become ambitious ambassadors for regional solutions to climate change, drought, and energy use. For example, in our work at Santiago High School, the students wrote, edited, and produced two separate videos demonstrating their school’s groundbreaking Zero Net Energy building project, the campus’ landscape architecture plans to improve groundwater retention, as well as approachable actions that the entire student body could take to reduce their personal impact on the environment. Further, the Santiago education and outreach team debuted the videos at two back-to-back original assemblies that proved to be an inspiring collaboration of differing groups on campus. Members of student government, the school’s drill team, the campus chapter of the service organization, Friday Night Live, as well as choir members and teacher-musicians each played a part in making the program a holistic celebration of sustainability.

Kristina von Hoffmann
Outreach Director