Battleground State of Mind

Posted by on October 28, 2016

devil-and-angel-graphicWe’re in the middle of an electoral battleground — and I’m not talking about Nevada or Florida. This battle is taking place in the hearts and minds of Americans.

On one shoulder, the devil whispers, “C’mon, this election is over; stick a fork in it; don’t even bother.”

On the other, the angel says, “Imagine if everyone had that attitude. Heavens!! And think of all the down-ballot races; like Measures A & M in Los Angeles County; they need your love.”

Devil says, “Metro, jeez, why give them more money — government is inefficient at best and corrupt at worst. Voting just encourages them.”

Angel says, “I disagree. Metro has a great track record (no pun intended). Check out the new Expo Line. And governance improves the more you get involved. Walking away doesn’t make things better.”

Devil: “Your faith in humanity runs contrary to the facts. Don’t angels read? There’s ocean acidification, dying coral, seas are rising, there are more wildfires due to human-induced hotter days.”

Angel: “Climate change. This is your wheelhouse. You’ve persuaded people to take stuff that’s been dead for millions of years, literally rip it from its subterranean burial ground and then emit those fossils into our atmosphere. When it comes to climate change, devil, millions of Americans still listen to you.”

Devil: “They don’t just listen to me. There are all sorts of people distracting them with talk about jobs and false greenwashing. Lies that huge and ludicrous are embarrassing, sure, but you go with what works.”

Angel: “Here’s my antidote, and I’m speaking to all Angelenos: become an agent of history. Shape the future. Embrace the future. Make a bet with your life that tomorrow can be a better day. The opposite of this, to give up, to let go of the reins . . . there’s no future there. And, for god’s sake, remember to vote on November 8.”