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Seeing Climate Change: Climate & Infrastructure Art Exhibit in Los Angeles

Carolina Caycedo Dammed Landscape / Paisaje Respresado, 2013 | Courtesy of Instituto de Visión.

Democracy Actualized

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs posits five stages of psychological health.

LA at Its Best

If you want to see what Los Angeles can become, attend CicLAvia.

Father Daniel Berrigan SJ – Requiescat in pace

Father Daniel Berrigan SJ died Saturday, April 30, in New York City at the age of 94.

The Final Word

What does the State of California say about climate change and our need to prepare for its impacts?

Power Outages Due to Aliso Canyon Gas Failure: A Climate Change Perspective

Immediate action is needed to prepare for projected power outages this summer.

Metro’s Brilliant, Frustrating, $120 Billion Plan

The best thing about a first draft is that it’s a first draft — you can always make changes.

The Origin of Oil, AQMD, and the Oil Industry

We use it every day, but we rarely think about the origins of oil and gas.

How San Diego Won 100% Renewables: An interview with Nicole Capretz

On December 15, the City of San Diego announced its remarkable new Climate Action Plan, committing the city to 100% renewable power by the year 2035, and, by the same year, slashing its carbon emissions by half.

California’s Next Governor and Climate Change

Last April, California Governor Jerry Brown set the state on a course to aggressively address climate change.

What We Expected in 2015: Environmental & Climate Policy of Interest to Angelenos

In December 2014, I made a number of predictions concerning environmental & climate policies in 2015.

Climate Change 1000% Resolved *

The Paris Climate Agreement reached this month is so fantastic there's frankly nothing left to do. The climate problem has been resolved, and, therefore, no reason to keep Climate Resolve in business. So that's it, friends. Goodbye and farewell.

Statement on Paris Agreement and Climate Action in Los Angeles

The Paris Agreement was a great step forward — but a single step in a long ultra-marathon.

Our Homegrown (and Largely Unknown) Climate Disaster

One of the biggest industrial accidents in LA history is currently taking place—and its impact is largely climate-related.

Giving Tuesday: More Climate Action in Los Angeles

Let’s celebrate Paris.

As you know, for the next ten days, 183 nations will be meeting in Paris to hammer out an international agreement limiting carbon pollution for the COP21 United Nations climate conference. 

A More Resilient California: Celebrating New Climate Bills

There’s cause to celebrate.

Today, California is a little bit safer, a little more resilient than it was last week.

California Action on Climate: SB 350 Signing

Governor Jerry Brown signing SB 350 (photo courtesy of Senator Kevin de Leon).

Sacramento at 106°

There’s big news out of Sacramento this week: the California Assembly failed to fully approve two key climate laws.

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