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Hurricane Harvey and Climate Change

I just sent a personal donation to the Houston Mayor’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.


You’re on the eastbound 10 freeway at 5:30 after a long day at work.

Win for Climate Action in California: Cap and Trade Extended

The passage of AB 398 and AB 617 in the California legislature signifies a big win for California.

News: California Bills Introduced to Extend Cap and Trade and Clean the Air

Action alert: Call today to support two bills that will help California continue to lead on climate action.

Hot Enough for You?

Summer is here and Southern California is in a week-long heat wave.

Keep Your Head Up

President Trump made a stupendously bad decision by withdrawing the United States of America from the Paris climate accord.

HGTV and Me

The Home & Garden Television network show, “Flip or Flop,” is set in suburban Southern California, where the hosts buy and renovate gloomy midcentury homes.


Congratulations. You’ve survived the first 100 days of Donald J.

Staying Sane

There’s a recipe for staying sane in these wicked times.

Now is the Time

Today the Trump Administration upended federal action on climate change.

Calling All Adults

We learned the Trump administration plans to slash the Environmental Protection Agency budget by 24% — which will result in laying off one-in-five EPA workers.

Vote No on S: Bad for LA, Bad for Climate Action

Climate Resolve opposes Measure S, which will be put before Los Angeles voters on the March ballot.

California’s Next Move

First, we must agree on the facts about climate change. Then, we must establish an iterative process that engages policymakers with local practitioners, businesses, and community members, who can all contribute to designing the best way to safeguard California. The California Climate Change Symposium is just that forum.

Reasons to Invest in 2017

In the waning hours of 2016, I’m asking you to invest in 2017.

Let’s Do This

Climate Resolve started with the audacious idea that climate action begins at home.

Four Things I Find Comforting

In light of Trump’s proposed appointees and the awful rhetoric, here are four things I find greatly comforting.

Make California Unchallengeable

I’m asking you to help California keep winning in the fight against climate change.

Remembering Tom Hayden

Wonderful eulogies have been written for the late Tom Hayden and nothing I write can approximate their eloquence.

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