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Street Repair Ballot Measure: 1950 or 2050?

With sidewalks and streets in disrepair across the city, a broad range of Los Angeles-based nonprofits have come together to form the ‘Streets for the Future Coalition.’ The coalition aims to ensure that a ballot measure, proposed by City Councilmembers Busciano and Englander, will not only fill potholes, but improve the health and safety of the City’s four million residents.

Embrace the Future

I don’t blame Al Gore and Bill McKibben – they’re wonderful men who’ve done more than anyone to alert Americans to climate issues.

Take Action Against the Drought & Easily Cut Water Use

With California’s drought taking center stage in the media lately, it’s important to recognize that all Angelenos and Californians alike can take immediate action to reduce water usage in our everyday lives.

California’s Drought & Climate Change

California’s terrible drought is not due to anthropogenic climate change.

LA’s Most Important Stories in 2013 | What’s next in 2014?

When discussing climate change, it is often on a global scale and a decades-long timeline – far too grand  for us to truly comprehend.

LA: First Major City to Mandate Cool Roofs on All New Residences

The Los Angeles City Council unanimously passed an update to the Municipal Building Code on December 17th, 2013 making Los Angeles the first major city to require all new and refurbished homes to have a “cool roof.” Climate Resolve held the “Hot City, Cool Roofs” conference earlier this year, which energized City Leaders to pass this groundbreaking legislation.

Press Release: LA Becomes First Major City to Mandate Cool Roofs on All New Residences

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 17, 2013 Major Victory for Los Angeles: City to Become Cooler LA Becomes First Major City to Mandate Cool Roofs on All New Residences Los Angeles – Today, the City of Los Angeles became a little cooler.

Safeguarding California Plan draft released

California has long been at the forefront of climate change action and preparedness for the nation.

Join us in D.C. to Build Climate Solutions

Climate Resolve is collaborating with the National Council for Science and the Environment for their upcoming Building Climate Solutions conference in Washington, D.C.

Climate Smart Schools Coming to L.A.

It’s August and Fritz says it’s 105°F.

LA’s Great Future: Just the Beginning

Since 2011, Climate Resolve has had its boots on the ground in Los Angeles, working alongside city leaders, renowned researchers, and trusted organizations to make the global threat of climate change real, local, and manageable.

Local Voices: LA County’s Transit Transformation

Photo credit: LA Metro In the “Local Voices” series, Climate Resolve invites individuals and organizations throughout the LA region to write a piece responding to the following prompt…  Imagine it’s 2050 and Los Angeles has successfully transformed into a sustainable, prosperous, and livable community.

Marc Merson (1931-2013)

An environmental leader and dear family friend, Marc Merson, passed away on September 28.

Cool Roofs: Climate-Ready Today

On North Figueroa Street, in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, is an unusual apartment complex built in a faux-Tudor style.

Merging National and Local Action on Climate Change

During the August recess, President Obama called on members of Congress to visit their home districts to share the White House’s climate change plan and promote local action and support.

E.P.A. Tackles the Urban Heat Island Effect

There’s already an uncomfortable difference on a hot day between a tree-covered park and a barren asphalt street, yet our changing climate is projected to only make this effect a greater public concern.

Local Voices: How One River Can Change the Course of LA

    This post marks the first installment of the “Local Voices” series on our blog.

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