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Midterm Elections: Your Voting Guide for LA

The midterm election is November 4 and some important local climate measures are up for vote: Measure P and Proposition 1.

Southern California’s Climate Event of the Year

The path to LA’s future runs through USC next month, when Climate Resolve hosts Decarbonizing California, a major conference bringing together hundreds of people to discuss how California can help win the fight against climate change.

Pasadena To Become Region’s Next Cool City

Following the lead of Los Angeles, Pasadena will become the second Southern California city to institute a requirement for “cool roofs” for all new residential construction as well as re-roofs when the square footage being replaced is 50% or greater.

State of California Chooses Climate Resolve

Climate Resolve was recently selected to co-manage the state’s next climate assessment.

See you in Sacramento!

The 1st California Adaptation Forum, organized by the Local Government Commission and the State of California, is being held August 19th – 20th in Sacramento, CA.

OCO-2 to Bring Better Understanding of Regional Carbon

In the early morning hours of July 2nd, an exciting new spacecraft streaked the skies above Los Angeles.

New White House Climate Initiatives Announced

Earlier this week, President Obama announced a series of actions to help communities across the nation better prepare for local climate impacts.

LADWP Wants You to Cash In Your Lawn

Finally ready to nix your water-thirsty lawn?

Lexicon Warming

Climate change is going to alter the English language.

A Space-Based Look at Carbon

Tied intimately to a changing climate, atmospheric carbon dioxide is one of several gases that trap heat near the surface of the Earth — leading to increased temperatures, rising sea levels, and the overall “global weirding” of our planet.

$1 Billion for the Los Angeles River on the Horizon

Yesterday, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced plans to recommend the approval of a $1 billion proposal to restore and enhance 11 miles of the Los Angeles River.

Two New Must-See Websites

Who said the feds can’t launch a website?

Join us for the 13th Annual Environmental Night at Dodger Stadium

Every summer, the environmental community comes together to sit in the cheap seats & celebrate LA’s favorite pastime.

Cool, Green, Complete – The Path to a Better Los Angeles

Image from Paul Krueger: Los Angeles has the unfortunate distinction of being named the city with the worst road conditions in the nation and the second deadliest city for pedestrians.

If You Want to Go Far, Los Angeles…

There’s an African proverb: If you want to go fast, go alone.

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